Church Directory


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This page lists church members phones in two ways:

ALPHABETICAL – Sorted by Last Name. “H” means Home phone.

LAST 4 DIGITS – The last 4 digits of each phone number are sorted in
numerical order. This is useful when texting and all you see is a phone
number and not a name. You can come here and look up the name.


ALGERMISSEN, John(321) 917-9189 
AMOS, Bill(321) 302-4106 
AMOS, Sheila(321) 302-4107 
BESSENT, Jeannie (Lydia)(321) 626-8330 
BETHEL, John David (JD)(501) 940-6042 
CASCIO, Sammy & Stacy(321) 291-1370 
CORDIAL, Aaron(912) 944-9564 
CROSBY, Sheila and Jim(321) 863-1300 
DANDOLA, Dot (Dorothy)(321) 383-9697 
DAVIS, Bob & Jenny(321) 267-3548 
DEPASS, Clarence(302) 387-9909 
DEPASS, Pam(321) 693-9916 
DIBACCO, Michael(321) 652-5623 
DIBACCO, Shelley(321) 289-7888 
DUENGEL, Yvonne(502) 529-8501 
GARCIA, Mary (Catalina)(321) 230-4156 
GARCIA, Mary (Catalina)(321) 267-0469H
GARNTO, Janice(469) 544-4819 
GARNTO, Janice & Carl(321) 567-2364H
GIL DE LAMDRID, Julio(270) 312-3606 
GIL DE LAMDRID, Lisa(270) 317-7471 
HARDISTER, Darrell(321) 267-1273 
HEWELL, Earl(321) 222-8217 
HEWELL, Earl(321) 222-4016H
HONAKER, Red(386) 624-1345 
INGRAM, Marilyn(321) 269-1993 
JOHNSON, Eric(321) 261-5070 
JOHNSON, Misty(321) 223-1175 
JOHNSON, Stacey(321) 615-7588 
KENT, Norman(321) 383-8369 
KINGSTON, Evadnie(321) 383-1290 
LEWIS, John(321) 544-7787 
LEWIS, Peggy(321) 225-4818 
LEWIS, Susan(321) 544-9834 
LITTLE, Bruce & Patricia(251) 232-0442 
MCKENZIE, Linda(321) 747-4804 
MERCURIO, Domenic(321) 223-3380 
MERCURIO, Sheri(321) 223-8582 
MORGAN, Jay(321) 508-0699 
MYERS, Judy(321) 480-4386 
NORTHRUP, Rob(502) 341-1418 
PEARCE, David(814) 691-9798 
PEARCE, Monica(814) 421-8786 
PIERO, Scott(321) 594-3488 
POLK, Lavell(407) 953-5022 
PRICE, Chuck(321) 544-0632 
PRICE, Stephanie(321) 537-8745 
PRIMMER, Jerry (Bear)(321) 290-2313 
RAY, LeAnn(321) 362-8281 
RIFE, Chuck & Patti(615) 210-1788 
RYALL, Joshua(321) 289-0333 
RYALL,Lauren(772) 519-2281 
STANLEY, Emily(321) 986-7834 
SWEZY, John & Susan(865) 591-5588 
THOMPSON, Madge(860) 331-0074 
THOMPSON, Rose(321) 289-0178 
TURNER, Marty(321) 678-5601 
TURNER, Marty & Melody(321) 268-3840H
TURNER, Melody(321) 480-4842 
WEEKS, Marilyn(352) 544-0310 
WEEKS, Melinda(321) 961-1438 
WEEKS, Pastor JC(321) 403-2674 
WEEKS, Wayne & Patricia(321) 759-8562 
WILCOX, Myrtle(321) 626-0881 
WILCOX, Myrtle(321) 267-0866H
WILLIAMS, Urshala (Monique)(321) 507-6944 
WILLIAMS, Wayne(321) 576-6928 
WRIGHT, Dani-Lynne(321) 720-9011 
WRIGHT, Pastor Jason(321) 759-7601


0074THOMPSON, Madge
0178THOMPSON, Rose
0310WEEKS, Marilyn
0333RYALL, Joshua
0442LITTLE, Bruce & Patricia
0469GARCIA, Mary (Catalina)
0632PRICE, Chuck
0699MORGAN, Jay
0866WILCOX, Myrtle
0881WILCOX, Myrtle
1175JOHNSON, Misty
1273HARDISTER, Darrell
1290KINGSTON, Evadnie
1300CROSBY, Sheila and Jim
1345HONAKER, Red
1370CASCIO, Sammy & Stacy
1438WEEKS, Melinda
1788RIFE, Chuck & Patti
1993INGRAM, Marilyn
2313PRIMMER, Jerry (Bear)
2364GARNTO, Janice & Carl
2674WEEKS, Pastor JC
3380MERCURIO, Domenic
3488PIERO, Scott
3548DAVIS, Bob & Jenny
3840TURNER, Marty & Melody
4016HEWELL, Earl
4106AMOS, Bill
4107AMOS, Sheila
4156GARCIA, Mary (Catalina)
4386MYERS, Judy
4804MCKENZIE, Linda
4818LEWIS, Peggy
4819GARNTO, Janice
4842TURNER, Melody
5022POLK, Lavell
5070JOHNSON, Eric
5588SWEZY, John & Susan
5601TURNER, Marty
5623DIBACCO, Michael
6042BETHEL, John David (JD)
6928WILLIAMS, Wayne
6944WILLIAMS, Urshala (Monique)
7588JOHNSON, Stacey
7601WRIGHT, Pastor Jason
7787LEWIS, John
7834STANLEY, Emily
7888DIBACCO, Shelley
8217HEWELL, Earl
8281RAY, LeAnn
8330BESSENT, Jeannie (Lydia)
8369KENT, Norman
8501DUENGEL, Yvonne
8562WEEKS, Wayne & Patricia
8582MERCURIO, Sheri
8745PRICE, Stephanie
8786PEARCE, Monica
9011WRIGHT, Dani-Lynne
9564CORDIAL, Aaron
9697DANDOLA, Dot (Dorothy)
9798PEARCE, David
9834LEWIS, Susan
9909DEPASS, Clarence
9916DEPASS, Pam